Soft Stands
Made in the USA

Soft Stands are the safest, most comfortable and attractive French Horn Stands available anywhere. They are manufactured in the USA of the best materials available. Not a repurposed guitar stand, but a French Horn Stand designed by a horn player and manufactured by a horn player. Your beautiful horn deserves the best! Order yours today!

Not a display stand….Made for everyday use!

We are proud to offer you the most well-designed stands for Horns and Wagner Tubas. Our patented (U.S. Patent #7893332) system of support ensures the best protection possible for your valuable instrument. Carefully hand crafted in the USA using wood, aluminum and cloth from American sources.


I found it very helpful and convenient and gentle/soft on my horns."
Dale Clevenger
Principal Horn of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra
"Hi Eric, my horn is in it right now. It seems much safer on the floor now, with keyboards, piles of books and music all around, and kids running about. A horn "snuggli' in a nice wooden frame--great idea!"
Tom Varner
Jazz Hornist, Composer
"I've been using it now for the past couple weeks and have gotten used to having it next to me onstage... It is already making my orchestral life that much easier"
John Cerminaro
Principal Horn of the Seattle Symphony Orchestra
"A brilliant idea and a very worthwhile purchase! I've tried several different types of stand and this is the best so far. My horns can now sit neatly tucked away under the piano instead of on top of it! And safely in its soft stand my horn survived the big earthquake on 11th March, 2011."
Hiroaki Owada
Horn player in Tokyo Symphony Orchestra
"I love my horn stand, and I'm SURE my horn does too! It looks so happy lounging in it! Eric, can you make a 6'4" one for me?"
Jeffrey Nelsen
Canadian Brass Hornist , Assoc. Professor of Horn, Indiana University
"I had one on order from Pope Repair .... it arrived today. It’s an excellent piece of design and well executed, and I expect the price reflects how much better it is than the alternatives. I’m happy to see the maker get his profits before the cheap imitations start flooding the market. I....can't endorse it enthusiastically enough.
Sandra McColl
Melbourne, Vic, Australia