"I found it very helpful and convenient and gentle/soft on my horns."
Dale Clevenger, Principal Horn of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra
"Hi Eric, my horn is in it right now.  It seems much safer on the floor now, with keyboards, piles of books and music all around, and kids running about.  A horn "snuggli' in a nice wooden frame--great idea!"  
Tom Varner, Jazz Hornist, Composer
 "I have been very curious about your stand since first learning of it, but since I already have three hornstands, I didn't figure to get another one soon.  I assembled your stand in a trice, and I'll have to tell you, my horn has a permanent new home. It's wonderful - handy, protective/gentle (which the others aren't, especially), and just, well, cool. I expect to be the envy of every kid on the block. Thank you sooo much!"
Jeffrey Agrell, Assoc. Professor of the Horn, University of Iowa
"Last week I received a soft stand for my birthday, and I just wanted to let you know how very much I love it.  It is lightweight yet sturdy and my horn is very secure.  The design seems so simple and elegant... a fantastic stand that is absolutely as advertised.  I can't wait to tell all of my colleagues about it.  Thanks so much!"
Jeffery B. Whaley, Faculty of Eastern Tennessee State University
"I wanted to tell you how totally happy I am with my new Softstand. It is just awesome! No more worrying about my horn being knocked off its stand. It's perfectly cuddled in its own bed. Thanks so much for making such a quality product for us horn players."
Robert McNamee, Horn Player & Teacher, Louisiana
"Last week I received a soft stand for my birthday, and I just wanted to let you know how very much I love it.  It is lightweight yet sturdy and my horn is very secure.  The design seems so simple and elegant... a fantastic stand that is absolutely as advertised.  I can't wait to tell all of my colleagues about it.  Thanks so much!"
Jeffery B. Whaley, Faculty of Eastern Tennessee State University
Your Soft Stand is simple, but elegant looking, shows quality craftsmanship with the finest materials and functions flawlessly!  I found that switching between my Lewis LG and my Holton descant horn was so much easier and faster (and with no anxiety of possible damage) than with my previous stand.  I'm very happy with the Soft Stand. Thanks to you and your family for producing such a quality product!  It's a joy to find a product made from materials and manufactured in the USA.  Keep up the good work.
Laurence Brady, Colorado
“The stand arrived on Monday. It’s great and the Schmid triple is very secure while in the stand.”
                     Steven Ovitsky, New Mexico
"The horn stand arrived today. It's a wonderful invention, it fits my triple like a glove! I don't have to remove the weight on the valve....What price can we agree on? Thanks for trusting me. You really surprised me, because this never happens in todays world. No one trusts anyone….A note to let you know that the horn stand that I bought from you is fantastic! I love it. When I'm not playing my horn's in the stand."                          Leona Koziarski, Alberta Canada
A brilliant idea and a very worthwhile purchase!   I've tried several different types of stand and this is the best so far.   My horns can now sit neatly tucked away under the piano instead of on top of it!   And safely in its soft stand my horn survived the big earthquake on 11th March, 2011." この様なアイデアがあったのかと驚くと共に、今まで使用してたホルンスタンドには無い安心感があり大変満足してます。 今では何本かのホルンがグランドピアノの下で、「ソフトスタンド」に収まってます。 大地震の時も、何事も無かったかの様にホルンを包んでいてくれました
Hiroaki Owada,  Horn player in Tokyo Symphony Orchestra
"I just received my Soft Stand and my Conn 8D is finally resting comfortably. I really like the craftsmanship that you put into the construction of the stand. The accompanying directions are very detailed and the assembly of the stand is very quick and straightforward.  My first stand purchase for my new Conn 8D was a popular, less expensive one. Unfortunately, no matter how careful I tried to be, my new Conn 8D began to develop a series of small dents in the Bell Throat from putting it into the display plate type stand.  A couple of weeks ago I had the dents removed along with 2 water keys installed on the Horn by Tim's Music in Sacramento, Ca.  They also did some work on my Piccolo trumpet and C trumpet on the same trip.  Excellent repair shop by the way.  Anyway, since having the dents removed the Horn was either in its case or resting on my lap. I didn't dare try to put it into the first stand. Well, now the Horn is safely resting in its Soft Stand. Now I just have to figure out what to use the old stand for, maybe my fiancée can make a lamp out of it!  I can't thank you enough for the awesome Soft Stand and customer service. Will be recommending the Soft Stand to all the Horn players I know. Trumpet players are used to having a stand even for brief rests and wouldn't be without one. Most horn players who have been playing for many years, and are economically able to afford one of your stands, have gotten into the mindset of not using a stand.   Somehow you need to get the younger Horn players used to using a stand and convincing them of the cost benefit of your stands.  Looks like you are already addressing this on your website."
 Bob Masters, Gardnerville, Nevad
"I did receive the soft stand on Saturday and it is beautiful! My silver Conn 8D (N Series) looks gorgeous in its new luxury cradle. I bought my horn new in 1972 in Phila, PA. At the time, I was a struggling college student at Philadelphia Musical Academy (now Phila College of the Performing Arts). I worked all summer as a hotel chamber maid to earn the money to buy my new, wonderful horn. This horn has served me well over the years and now I have a new way to care for it and enjoy my playing. I brought the stand to a rehearsal for the first time last night. I play principal horn with a community orchestra, the Beach Cities Symphony Orchestra in Redondo Beach, CA. I was pleased and proud to have such a beautiful, useful addition to my horn playing experience. It was admired by the other brass players and I will spread the word about your product and your excellent customer service. Thanks again."
          Susan Winthrop Winston, California
"Thank-you so much for sending me a stand. The cherry wood looks beautiful.  Your stand is awesome!  I now have a dependable place to put my horn and there is no worry of damage from the stand itself. Your attention to detail is obvious, and most importantly, I feel safe keeping my instrument in the same place every day."
Nick Murdick, North Dakota
"I've been using it now for the past couple weeks and have gotten used to having it next to me onstage... It is already making my orchestral life that much easier"  
 John Cerminaro, Principal Horn of the Seattle Symphony Orchestra
"I love my horn stand, and I'm SURE my horn does too!  It looks so happy lounging in it!  Eric, can you make a 6'4" one for me?"
Jeffrey Nelsen, Canadian Brass Hornist , Assoc. Professor of Horn, Indiana University
"Your stand is a terrific concept, and brilliantly executed. The vertical, "plate-display" style stands don't work very well. They collapse, stick to the horn when placing it or removing it, possibly denting it in the process. I've heard some guitar stands work okay, but probably need extra padding and customization.  My jury-rigged solution (until now) was a trombone stand, holding the horn up by the bell. (If you point one of the legs the same axis as the mouthpipe, it won't tip over.) But the Soft Stand is far more convenient, protective, and easier to use.  You just drop the horn in it from its natural holding position...no fussing at all.  The design is very clever. Although it doesn't have a cross brace and seems a bit flexible when you just pick it up, this has no effect when in use...the horn in place completely stabilizes it. It's comforting to see your horn cradled in that plush sling...as if a trusted friend is holding it. I'll probably get a few more for all my horns. Great job!"
 Roger Kaza, Principal Horn, St. Louis Symphony
"Thank you for the opportunity to test your Horn Stand. Here is what I have noticed so far: It is easy to maneuver the stand (with the horn in it) on the floor next to you without worrying about it tipping over. I sometimes play two horns in the same concert, sometimes switching on pieces, sometimes on movements. This stand is fantastic for that. You can pick up the horn sitting in the stand without worrying about denting it and just drop the horn you were playing into the cradle; it only takes seconds. Although not recommended and not encouraged I had to try this…..I can actually toss my horn into the stand form 6 feet away without any concern of damage to the horn.  This thing is like a catcher’s glove. There is no excessive stretching or twisting on the player to be sure the horn gets into or onto the stand just right. This cradle holds the horn softly and  yet firmly and at a good height."
John Love, California
“I do think the Soft Stand is an important and valuable piece of equipment to add to our armory, especially as it is protecting a [very expensive] horn. That worry is past! With many thanks for the great thinking and effort put into this product by your entire family. You can justly be proud of the product!
                              Jim Kenward, California
"I had one on order from Pope Repair .... it arrived today. It’s an excellent piece of design and well executed, and I expect the price reflects how much better it is than the alternatives. I’m happy to see the maker get his profits before the cheap imitations start flooding the market. I....can't endorse it enthusiastically enough."
          Sandra McColl, Melbourne, Vic, Australia
“This stand is fantastic! Where was this 20 years ago? Thanks for coming up with such a great solution to an age old problem.”                        Barbara J. Mette, Massachusetts